Milk kefir is a refreshing probiotic cultured milk drink that was created in the northern Caucasus Mountains about 100’s of years ago. In Turkish the word Kefir means “feel good”, it possesses a great thick creamy sticky consistency, it is almost tasted like yogurt, and it also has a milky, yeasty smell. After several days putting it in the same container, the smell may become very sharp and cheesy, yet it is NOT putrid. Many aromatic components  give rise to its flavor and distinctive pleasant aroma.
Kefir Grains

What are kefir grains?

The so called Kefir grains or kefir culture is one of the basic need to make kefir, as you can seek above the picture is more like a semi-clear white cauliflower.

Note – The basic content of a Kefir grains is the mixed with yeasts, bacteria, sugars and proteins.

How is kefir made?

By combining the milk + grains in a bottle then leave it around about half a day or more with a room temp, this will help the milk ferment resulting kefir. As times goes by you will see your kefir will grow more and more!

Note – Rather than saying  made kefir, I would prefer the word “grow kefir”.

What does kefir taste like?

It tastes like simple yogurt, it sour and very delicious. And when it bath in the milk too long it would taste or more less like a sour cream! (lol, my favorite flavor in potato chips)

Why people  love to eat kefir:

  1. Basically it is very healthy and it is better than drinking a milk!
  2. The cost is super cheap and affordable it is only a 1 time cost to purchase the the so called “kefir grains”, and then the you need to is milk. But if  you have a friend that already has kefir grains and willing to share then it’s done!
  3. Kids now a days love it – with unique taste of kefir you can easily mix it with any food like using a milk!
  4. It’s easy to make and use even an elementary kids can learn how to do it!

What food can we mix with kefir?

Basically you can mix anything that requires milk. You can use it for cooking food, baking cake, pancake, jelly and more!

Normally I use it for sauce and for baking bread, pancakes and etc. I like the twist of the sourness, that give unique flavor and satisfaction.

What are the benefits of kefir?

As for my experience, after drinking more than a month daily (it has become a habit of mine to drink everyday since Oct 2010), there’s a big boost in my metabolism (before I started to drinking kefir, I was getting very frustrate in exercising everyday cause I still can’t get the figure I want for hitting the gym for more than half a year, but after drinking it more than 3 months without adding more time in the gym, my belly did get some abs!), great improvement in my immune system(I seldom catch cold for showering after hitting the gym, but after drinking it everyday it never happens again.), and I bowel is pretty much consistent(I really hate the feeling of having an unclean stomach!).

Though this is only my self opinion about the benefits of kefir, but there are some sites that has well information about it.

I don’t if its 100% true, but I just read and believe in it.

If you want to buy (found these sites in bing)

I’ve research for the reputation about these websites and they’re both had a good feedback and also has a great information. =)

For people who may know more resource about kefir, may sent me an email or comment in the comment box.

Cheers for a century history of Kefir!